Sometime soon, millions of people will be buying the newest,
smartest, cutest mobile internet device ever invented.

And your expensive websites and brilliant products
will become invisible...

Invisible! Why?

Next-generation mobile devices will have to use IPv6, because the IPv4 Internet has run out of address capacity. But today's websites are stuck on IPv4, so tomorrow's consumers won't be able to see them.

But I can't afford to change everything to IPv6 by myself!

You don't have to. Use Instant6 instead: it adds native IPv6 visibility to your IPv4 website without you changing ISP, content, code or hardware. No downloads, no pain, no risk! Tell me more...

So what can Instant6 give me?

  • Immediate global IPv6 visibility for your IPv4-only website
  • Delivery of email from IPv6-using visitors to your site
  • Full statistics on IPv6 activity on your website
  • DNS information for your Internet Service Provider
  • Professional Service Level Agreement

How do I get Instant6?

Two ways: an inexpensive professional service that gives you IPv6 visibility, email services and website statistics, or a no-frills free service offering IPv6 visibility only. Either way, within moments, your website will become visible under both IPv4 and IPv6.

I want Instant6 now!